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Blair MacIntyre

How to Post a Unity File to the Blog

To post a Unity web player project to the blog, use the WP_UnityObject shortcode. First, upload your .unity3d file to t-square resources directory for the assignment, and get the URL for it (look in the file info on your uploaded file). Mine for A0 is:

Then insert something like this in your post:

Make […]

Source control: github.gatech.edu

Georgia Tech now has an Enterprise Github Server available for our use.  We have successfully used github with Unity;  while there are limitations to using Unity with a general source control management (SCM) system (because, for example, you can’t “merge” changes to Scene files and other opaque asset files from multiple people), you still get all […]

Unity Resources

The main Unity resources are on Unity3D.com. There are a variety of tutorials and examples, plus all of the documentation. Georgia Tech has also bought a subscription to Lynda.com, a website with hundreds of video courses covering a wide range of topics.  There are a a bunch of Unity3D videos, along with videos on 3D […]

All groups will have a group page

All groups will have a group page and a group category.  The page and all posts will be tagged with the category, and will be the landing page for their group work on the blog.

Welcome to CS4455/6457, Fall 2014

This semester, we will use this blog for the CS4455 and CS6457.  See the links in the menu bar to find the Syllabus and Schedule, the assignments and projects, as well as policies on collaboration. During the semester, you will post your projects to this blog, to allow other students to comment on them.  You […]