Below is a schedule for the class.  I expect it will change slightly as the semester progresses.  We will update this page as the schedule changes, and post to blog about the changes.

I’m posting the PDF’s of the slides I use here, attached to each day.  If you need the PPT’s (for example, if you are teaching a games class and would like to use them or part of them), please drop me an email and I’ll be happy to provide them.

 Game Architecture
Date Notes Topic Assignment
Aug 18 Overview, Game Engine Arch
(overview, game engine arch)
Recommended: Ch1 GDW
Aug 20 4455 TOGETHER Game Engine Arch & Unity DUE: A0.1, 5pm Wed
Aug 21 6457 Game Engine Arch
Aug 25 Physics, Collision (physics) Recommended: Ch2 GDW DUE: A0.1, 5pm Tue
Aug 27 4455TOGETHER Physics, Collision
Aug 28 6457 Physics, Collision
Sep 1 LABOR DAY, no class
Sep 3 4455 TOGETHER Networking (networking)
Sep 4 6457 Networking DUE: A1, 9am Fri
Sep 8 Networking
Sep 10 4455 TOGETHER Networking
Sep 11 6457 Networking
Sep 15 Game content workflow
Sep 17 4455 TOGETHER Network programming help session
Sep 18 6457 Advanced games topic pitch, group formation DUE: A2, 9am Fri
 Prototyping, Design and Feel
Sep 22 Game Feel DUE: GF Ch1-4
Sep 24 4455 TOGETHER Game Feel + Unity hands on Recommended: GDW Ch8
Sep 25 6457 Game Feel + Unity hands on
Sep 29 Prototyping Recommended: GDW Ch 7-8 (Esp Ch8)
Oct 1 4455 TOGETHER Game Feel DUE: GF Ch5-11, 17
Oct 2 6457 Game Feel
Oct 6 UIST (Guest) Formal Elements, Interesting Choices Recommended: GDW Ch 3-5
Oct 8 UIST/4455 TOGETHER (Guest) Narrative
Oct 8 UIST/6457 no class (attend wed if you can) DUE: P1, 9am Fri
Oct 13 FALL BREAK, no class
Oct 15 4455 Playtesting P1 Recommended: GDC 10-11
Oct 16 6457 Playtesting P1 DUE: P2.1, 5am Fri
Oct 20 3x20x70 PechaKucha DUE: P2.2, 5am
Oct 22 4455 Playtesting P2 DUE: P2.3, 9am Wed
Oct 23 6457 Playtesting P2
 Game Project
Oct 27 Brainstorming, Group Formation Recommended: GDW Ch6
Oct 29 4455 group work
(GVU Demos, 2-5pm, TSRB)
DUE: G1, 9am Wed/Thur
Oct 30 6457 group work
Nov 3 A1: Group Design Presentation (A2 can attend) DUE: G2, before presentation
Nov 5 4455 TOGETHER A2: Group Design Presentations (A1 can attend)
Nov 6 6457 Group Design Presentations
Nov 10 open class time, feedback if needed DUE: G3 (updated design) by 11:59pm
Nov 12 4455 TOGETHER open class time, feedback if needed
(IPaT Demos, 2-5pm, TSRB)
Nov 13 6457 open class time, feedback if needed
Nov 17 open class time, feedback, work time
Nov 19 4455 Alpha Playtesting in class DUE: G4, 9am Wed
Nov 20 6457 Alpha Playtesting in class
Nov 24 no class: group work
Nov 26 THANKSGIVING on Thu/Fri, no class Wed
Dec 1 open class time, feedback, work time
Dec 3 4455 Final Playtesting in class DUE: G5, 9am Wed
Dec 4 6457 Final Playtesting in class
Exam Week Final Presentations DUE: Final Materials (before the class you present)