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The Adjectives Final Presentation (Dog-Fighter)

What Worked – Ship movement – Weapons – Local multiplayer – HUD – Aim assist – Menus – Asteroid Level What Didn’t Work – Ideas cut: – Shield – Pickups – Other maps – Reverse boost – Missile movement isn’t correct. What We Learned – Unassisted aiming is near impossible at long distances and high […]

The Adjectives’ G2

DOG-FIGHTER In space, nobody knows you’re a dog. Game Idea: Players each control a single fighter jet sized ship. The goal is to destroy the other players. The gameplay is a dogfighter in space with 3 degrees of freedom. The map(s) is an asteroid belt with a few man-made structures. Game modes is free-for-all deathmatch. […]

duetosideeffects’s Project 2

HOVERCRAFT BATTLE Control a giant hover craft to shoot at other giant hovercrafts.

duetosideeffects’s Project 1

duetosideeffects’s Assignment 2

WASD to move; Space to jump; collect blue spheres; first to 5 wins.

duetosideeffects’s Assignment 1

WASD to move; Space to jump; collect blue cubes; collect as many as possible in 60 seconds.

duetosideeffects’s Assignment 0

Followed the tutorial, which unfortunately did not also have a written transcription. 12 pickups, 1 ball, 4 walls — nothing spectacular. Randomly generates colors for the walls, the ball, and the cubes. Press R to reload the scene.