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Floating Trip[G6]-Team:Automata

Game Name: Floating Trip Group Name: Automata Team member: goillinois, techgamer Game description: Float trip is a 3D boating game that player control a boat by steering poles to reach a target area with score accumulated as it passes through checkpoints.The game’s goal is to create a open playground for player to drift and enjoy […]

P2 from techgamer

Game Goal: The goal for the prototype is to find a target object hidden in a block maze in the air in a given amount of time. The game set up is in a gloomy/foggy day when lightnings are striking across the sky. The avatar is lost in an overwhelming maze. It has to collect […]

P1 from techgamer

This is my P1: The game feel I implemented: joyful and nimble: I use trail to describe nimble. I also increase the speed of motion. To depict joyful I made the head of the character waving back and forth as it moves. The objects interact with the character is also lighter. scared and weak: I […]

Assignment 2

This assignment is pretty hard. Still trying.

Techgamer: Assignment 1

This project is using the prototype provided in the github as a blueprint. I change the planks in the air to have a stair like configuration. I change the environment to get a game feel. I added sound effects for colliding on static objects, jumping and collecting objects. The avatar also supports the double jump […]

techgamer’s assignment0

  I followed the video instructions to create the prototype of this game. I textured the player with an earth image. Also, I tried to create a snowy weather for the playground by using particle systems. Enjoy!