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Hedgehog P2

Hanging on. My prototype game experimenting with rope like mechanics on a side scroller.

Hedgehog’s P1

This is my game feel project 1. Controls are WASD for movement and space to jump. 1 and 2 to toggle modes G to toggle atmospheric effects Press any movement key to begin. The 2 modes that I choose are scared/weak and dreamy/strong. Scared/Weak The initial scene is this one. The room is essentially completely […]

Hegehog’s Assignment 2

This is my networking assignment 2. A lot isn’t done but it is what I have finished so far.

Hedeghog’s A1

This is my assignment 1, a simple physics game. The goal of this game is to find your way around the obstacles to collect as many spinning cubes as possible within the allocated time. It will keep track of your current high score. The controls are wasd to move and space to jump. While in […]

Hedgehog – Assignment 0

A simple physics based roll-a-ball game. The goal is the move the ball around and collect all the cubes. The cubes will randomly make gradual changes in color, as will the ball, just slower.