Floating Trip[G2]- Team: Automata

Game Name: Floating Trip
Group Name: Automata
Team member: goillinois, techgamer

Game Description:
An avatar sits on a boat automatically moves down a stream. However, there are lots of reefs blocking on the way and many monsters attacking the avatar. The goal of the player is to control the avatar to pass through those obstacles without getting hit by any reef or monster and reach the end of the journey.

Why is this fun/ motivation:
We both have interest in creating adventure games and want to try some different motion of avatar .So we decide to make the avatar on a boat whose floating nature of motion is different from the daily manner of moving on ground of the avatars from previous assignments. We would try our best to simulate the motions of a boat in stream, like waving, to make the floating feel more realistic. The game should be more control involved since players have several tools available to help them dodging obstacles and killing monsters.

Individual Responsibility:


  • Implement fluid simulation
  • Implement movement of avatar
  • Implement shooting arrows
  • Implement monsters
  • Some sound effect
  • Techgamer:

  • Implement the environment
  • Implement bamboo pole
  • Implement move on string
  • Implement bomb
  • Some sound effect

Basic Features

  • The avatar can control part of the boat speed and orientation (they are mainly controlled by the moving speed and orientation of the stream) with the help of a bamboo pole.
  • The avatar can also shoot arrows to beat the monsters.
  • The avatar can throw bomb to blow the rocks up.
  • There would be some useful tools, like archeries, fireballs, etc, hanging on the branches of trees along the stream. The avatar can use hook the boat up to a rock and pull itself towards the rock. When it is close enough to it, it can jump on the rock and then reach those tools from it. When the boat is in hooked status, it will not be affected by the flux. The avatar can come back to boat after it collect the tool it needs.
  • There will also be some strings hanged along or across the stream. Avatar may grip those strings to move down or up stream.

For more details:

Design Document
Presentation Slides

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