Team Recess – G2

Design Plan 11/06/2014

Game Title: Farm Patrol

Team: Team Recess
Members:  heptad, wolverine

Game Premise
Farm Patrol will be a two-player cooperative game where the players must use their unique skills to herd and protect farm animals. Player 1 will be a farmer, who can catch animals in his basket and lock gates. Player 2 will be a corgi, which is quick, low to the ground, and can bark. The farm will have one or two different kinds of animals who have gotten loose, such as chickens and cows, that must be chased and caught by the two players. A coyote will occasionally prowl the farm and must be chased away.


  • Wolverine will work predominantly on game logic, animations and interactions of the characters  with baskets, gates etc.
  • Heptad will work predominantly on the controls and polish of the game environment.

Fun element:
As children, most of us would have enjoyed chasing rabbits/bugs/birds etc. to capture them or to just have some fun. Add a friend or a sibling on our team to corner the frenzied creature, the rate of success increases. The fun in this game is emulating the same experience to let the two players take complementary roles in chasing the animals and driving away Coyotes.Two players on the same computer are also expected to interact with each other more naturally outside of the game world to develop strategies and enjoy the “cartoonish” behavior of the elements of the game (laugh, comment or even swear together). We want to create a gaming experience that emphasizes these aspects of “people fun”.

Design Document:



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