G5 Final PlayTesting Build — BBD

Game Title: Window to your soul:A VR horror show


This is a first person VR horror game in which you have to manage your sanity, which varies as you progress through the level. In this final build we have one level design with 3 different rooms containing different obstacles connected by corridors. There is a wisp assigned to the player which guides the player through the entire level. Staying close to the wisp allows the player to regenerate their lost sanity. Sanity degrades over time or from one of the many enemies that are present in the level. In order to win the player needs to keep their sanity above zero and collect all the keys to reach the end goal.


The changes for the final build include 2 new types of enemies, a full redesign of the level to make the entire game much more challenging. A wisp has been designed to help the player. GUI has been improved along with sanity meter, stamina meter and battery meter. Sanity degradation mechanics have been implemented. Dodge mechanics have been implemented along with refining the movement mechanics. Balancing of the game has been done and polish effects have been implemented. The player can also mark walls with an “X” to find their way around.


Look around in the oculus rift, offset from mouse look. WASD to move around.

F: Toggle Flashlight

SPACE: Bring up Minimap

SHIFT + W: To sprint

Tap SHIFT + Hold A/D: To Dodge to sides

LEFT CLICK: “Put X mark on the wall in front of the player”.

Well since the Rift plugin causes the Web Player to crash we couldn’t put our build up.

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