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Z-Fighter’s Game Feel P2

This is a simple puzzle game where the player must reach the exit of each floor before it fills with water. Controls are WASD and E to interract with objects. The “game feel” I wanted to express was a somewhat tense and creepy atmosphere. To that aim I used a variety of different elements that […]

Z-Fighter’s Game Feel Assignment P1

I chose to do weak/scared and strong/agressive. Mode 1 has you in a dungeon-looking hallway and the player is so weak it’s hard to push the walls down. Mode 2 changes to a scene with a bigger, stronger player in a hallway of cardboard boxes that they can push around with ease. (I guess you […]

Z-Fighter’s Assignment 2

Well this was disappointing to say the least. I hate leaving things undone, but it is what it is. Dead reckoning mostly works (just don’t try jumping). The path to the first target is out of sync but after that the server-controlled object is in sync with clients. I’m sure I did something silly there […]

Z-Fighter Project 1

Here’s my submission for project 1. Double jump gives a large boost to horizontal speed to bridge large gaps.

Assignment 0.2 – z-fighter

Here’s my submission for the Roll-A-Ball tutorial project.