G2 – Fall Zone

Ever wanted to sky dive? Now you can do just that from the comforts of your chair. Our game, Fall Zone, is a first person sky diving game where the player must collect a bunch of items and be able to parachute at the appropriate time to land safely on the ground. On the way down, the player must dodge obstacles and other sky debris.

Fall Zone will have a giant 3D world that the player can move around in. Once the game starts, the player will start to move in the negative y direction. The player will never be able to move upwards, but he or she will be able to slow the fall down by collecting parachutes. The WASD keys will allow the player to move around in the XZ plane. The spacebar will allow the player to dive, and the left shift key will activate the player’s current parachute.

Once used, a parachute will slow a player’s fall enough to make them very maneuverable. This makes collecting game objects much easier and allows the player to build up their score. Since this game is score based, it will create a competitive atmosphere where two players can play the game simultaneously and compete by comparing scores.

Game Feel Elements:

Visual Effects:
1. When the player dives, wind gusts can be seen in the field of view.
2. When a player collects items particle effects will emit.
3. When a player lands safely, celebratory fireworks will be shot.
4. The parachutes health will be visible at the top of the screen.
5. When the health is decreasing, the bar will glow.

Sound Effects:
1. When the player lands safely
2. When the player crashes into the ground
3. When the player collects another parachute or collectable
4. When the player pulls the parachute
5. When the player changes speeds, the faster the player is going the louder the sounds effects play.
6. When the parachute is low on health and is being used a tearing sounds will play.

Other Gameplay effects:
1.The player’s gradual acceleration when free falling or diving
2. The parachute’s deployment delay
3. Parachute deployment jolting player up
4. Objects on ground plane getting larger and larger to simulate falling toward the earth
5. If a player crashes into the ground, a game over screen with appear.
6. The player’s speed will be displayed at the top of the screen near the parachute health bar.


Week 1 Deliverables (Nov 15th):
Background Scene Setup (Bear)
Simulated Player Falling (Happypandafrand)
Player Landing (Happypandafrand)
Player Movement. Parachute Slow, Diving and Horizontal Movement (Happypandafrand & Kchen34)

Week 2 Deliverables (Nov 22st):
In air collectables & obstacles (All team members)
Point System (Bear)
Parachute Health System (Happypandafrand)
Time Limit System (Kchen34)

Week 3 Deliverables (Nov 26):
Basic Visual and Sound Effects (Bear & Kchen34)
Player GUI indicators. Health, Time, Point Indicators (Happypandafrand)

Week 4 Deliverables (Dec 6):
Advanced Visual and Sound Effects (All team members)
Game Menus. Start, End, Pause (All team members)
Extra Features (All team members)

Week 5 Deliverables (Dec 8):
Final Bug Testing
Final Play Testing

Team member links:
Kchen34 – https://github.blairmacintyre.me/site-archive/cs4455f14/author/kchen34
Bear – https://github.blairmacintyre.me/site-archive/cs4455f14/author/bear
Happypandafrand – https://github.blairmacintyre.me/site-archive/cs4455f14/author/happypandafrand

Alpha Build Target:
Our alpha will consist mainly of getting the movement and character controls working, so we know it is possible. For example, we will have basic scenes and prefabs created. We will have the diving simulation working, including movements associated with the parachute. We really want to target player movement along with creating an authentic falling “feel” to the game because those are the core elements that will make the game entertaining. All of the other systems add to this fun and supplement it. Play testing will show us how best to create an authentic skydiving environment and will also be an indicator of how entertaining the end game will be. If the testers enjoy simply moving around our scene, then all the other systems we put into place will only increase their enjoyment of the game.

Final Build Target:
The goal of the final build is to have at least all the target goals listed above fully functional. Most of the time spent between the alpha build and final build will be implementing the health, point, and time systems so that they are balanced and rewarding. If extra time is available, we will continue adding more polish effects such as visual, graphical or sound effects. We are targeting core gameplay elements like the health, point and time systems because it is more important to have balance and unbroken gameplay than to have very advanced graphical effects. From the beta testing we are only checking for bugs in the game because at that point it is too late to continue to add functionality to the game.

If you are flying too fast when you land, you will hit the ground hard and lose the game. Make sure you use your parachute at the right time. This makes the game a bit harder, but that makes it fun. Happy playing!

CLICK HERE for the design document, CLICK HERE for the presentation!

– The BrusselSprouts

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