Mancakes G2 design

Team Members: Livingled, Patches, Stonewall

Title of the Game: Bearbrella

Basic Idea:

Our game involves a bear avatar with an umbrella, constantly falling downwards alongside a building. The avatar will encounter various obstacles whilst falling, some originating from the building and some not. The fall will be infinite – we will procedurally generate the level as you continue to fall. The goal is to fall as far as you can without running into any obstacles, which, in turn, make you lose and restart. The umbrella allows the player to slow or accelerate their fall!

How will it be fun:

The control of the avatar should require a certain level of mastery from the player – the fun of the game should originate from the avatar control itself in the context of the game. Avoiding obstacles should be totally “doable” but challenging. Very game feel-y!

Who is doing what:

Roughly speaking and subject to change…

Stonewall: Procedural generation of building/level
Livingled: Art assets, game mechanics aside from avatar (AKA obstacles)
Patches: The avatar guy – umbrella mechanics and capturing correct game feel

For further detail, here are the links to our design doc and presentation slides:

Design Doc


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