Zero-G Flee

Zero-G Flee is a 2D platformer that stars you as an astronaut on a crumbling spaceship. Some unknown force has attacked your shuttle, and is on the verge of crash landing into an orbiting planet. You must escape before the shuttle crashes! With your jetpack, you must make your way through the crumbling ship to the escape pod at the back of the shuttle. Keep a watchful eye on your environment as well as you fuel gauge. Use powerups to break through obstacles and destroy objects flying at you.
Our group’s milestones for G4 are to have core gameplay down ( as in character movement, object movement, at least one of 3 levels created, create the jet fuel power-up so that players can complete level, and have it to the win/lose state). As for G5, the milestones are to have all graphics and sounds integrated into the project, and finish the other two power-ups.

Meeting Schedule:
-Two to three meetings per week to discuss ideas and implementation details as a group.
Week 1 (Nov 3-9)
-Character movement
-Have one level done for playtesting, nothing big
-Timer implementation
Week 2 (Nov 10-16)
-Jet fuel implementation
-Integrate at least one type of “debris” object
-Sprite sheet for avatar
-Win/Lose State
Week 3 (Nov 17-24)
-Integrate another type of “debris” object
-Implement “repel” power up
Nov 19 is playtest date
-read over feedback
Week 4 (Nov 25- 1)
-Implement “grabbing device” power-up
-Polish the level
-if there is time, split up into 3 different levels instead of one large level
-integrate feedback into build
Final Week- Dec 3 is the final date to turn everything in
Dec 10th is presentation date for our group

Design Document:

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