Slower than Sound G2

Team Members

  • Ninebolt
  • doomturtle

Game Idea
Slower Than Sound is a two player turn-based submarine combat game. Each player controls a submarine and on their turn can move it vertically. On every other turn, the player can fire a torpedo which travels across the map towards the other submarine. The game is over when one submarine’s health goes down to zero.

Why is it fun?
This game is all about strategy. Torpedoes move at different speeds, so players have to find ways to trap their opponent and get in a few hits. Turns should move quickly since players are only controlling one piece and, at most, have to move the submarine a square and shoot a torpedo.

There are different torpedoes which all do different amounts of damage and travel at different speeds. For example, there are three basic torpedoes: Light, Medium, and Heavy. The light torpedo moves quick but does very little damage, while the heavy torpedo does a lot of damage but moves very slowly, so it is easy to keep track of. For a look at the current torpedoes, please check the linked design document.

Target Feature Sets


  • Implement a 5 by 11 game board
  • Game is two player on one machine (Hot Seat)
  • Three basic torpedo types implemented
  • Static background
  • No movement animation
  • Simple animation for collisions


  • Networked game, can play on multiple machines
  • All torpedos implemented
  • Dynamic background
  • Different animation for the three basic torpedoes
  • Background music


  • Networked game, can play on multiple machines
  • Option for single-player vs AI
  • All torpedos implemented
  • Dynamic background
  • Unique collision animation and sounds for each torpedo type
  • Submarine movement animation
  • Background music changes based on game variables

Extra High-Bar

  • Add a campaign and storyline with the goal to conquer the world

Design Document
Design Presentation

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