Team Newbee – G2

Design Documentation

Team Name: Team Newbee

Game Name: Chasing Fortune

Team Member: davidscz, paintblade, squarehelius


Game Concept

We decide to do a 2D adventure puzzle game. The main concept is that the player can navigate through a maze, and in the process he will encounter monsters who will attack him on sight. He can choose to fight them or wisely disengage. Also, there will be treasures that contains varies of upgrades and items. The goal is for player to reach the exit to win.


Game Feel

The overall feel we want to give users are adventurous and cautious. Different parts of the maze call for different strategies, which can allow player to have a few trail-errors.Fun should come from 3 parts: maze exploration, collecting treasure, and fighting monsters. The player should navigate through the maze and fulfill his feel with the above elements.

Low Level Bar

  • Simple maze with obstacles and treasures (may not have functionality, just score)
  • Adventurer with basic spell (one), simple animation
  • Monsters that can kill adventurer (immediate kill by touching)
  • Basic texture and sound


Expected Target

  • Advanced maze with many obstacles, several levels and different treasures with different functionality
  • Adventurer with different spells, basic stats (hit point and mana), various animations for the spells
  • Different monsters with different spells and simple AIs (instead of simply moving toward the player)


Dreams that would be awesome

  • Customizable maze that can be designed by the players and sophisticated obstacles that require real thinking from the players
  • Traditional RPG adventurers with various spells, items, stats, and upgrade option for spells and items using the treasure he found
  • Monsters with different spells, stats and a final boss at each level that requires intensive thinking and smart strategy to kill


Work Distribution

davidscz: Texture, Sound, Level Design

paintblade: Monster Mechanics and AI

squarehelius: Adventurer Mechanics (Animation, Spells, Controls)



Week1 (Nov 5 – 7): set up basic game (eg. character moves around a maze), have basic textures and , sounds ready.

Week2 (Nov 10 – 14): add monster functionality, chest for game. Start level design process

Week3 (Nov 17 – 21): More monsters ,adding spell functionality and chest. (Finished Alpha Edition)

Week4 (Nov 24 – 28): Monsters and spells fixing, and fix the current bugs.

Week5 (Dec 1 – 5): More levels and variety of current design. (Spells, items, monsters, levels, etc) Play testing.

Week6 (Dec 8 – 10): Find people to play, then fix bugs for actual gameplay from testers.


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