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Assignment 2

Ninebolt’s Assignment 2

This assignment…I don’t understand a lot of it, but I did get the collectible object to work using the Character Controller, so I will count that as a success. You are (hopefully) spawned as a scarecrow on a field. Try and get the rapidly moving orb because you like the green particles it gives off.

Anon101’s Assignment 2

Simple implementation of Project A2, Networked Game.

thievenstealburg’s assignment 2

This is the networking game

Assignment 2 – jukesofhazard

Duke it out to collect points! WASD to move and space to jump. First to 5 wins!

livingled A2 assignment

My implementation. I never got a grasp on everything for the assignment, so things like the jump and scorekeeping are a tad weird (-=. Only the winner is notified of winning upon collection of 5 points. Also the cube is sometimes hard to find, but I swear it IS there, haha.  

Boxiom’s Networking Game!

This assignment made me seriously consider suicide. It mostly works.

baguettebaguette a2

I was unable to fully finish this project.  My project currently makes a server, allows clients to connect to it, spawns a moving item as well as spawning players for the clients who connect.  

cxaviousb’s Assignment 2

This is for testing purposes only right now.

Valirek’s Assignment 2

A 3D networked game where players control a happy smiling cube on an epic journey to collect 5 floating red cubes.

Lion’s Assignment 2

This is my assignment 2… Phew what an assignment! I can’t believe I finally made it. 🙂 I used the sample code, but changed almost all parts – giving me a strong understanding of the system. Jump height is 48ish. Cube height is 35. Player height is about 2 units. The player does not rotate […]

Nintendo424’s Assignment 2

This is my networked game project. I took my A1 assets and stripped away the A1 code, starting mostly from scratch (taking the professor’s sample connect code and others as a base). The game uses dead reckoning to display the game to the user, the server making the authoritative decisions using the player’s input. Only […]

verryberry1’s Networking Game

Dinosaur eggs are rolling around and flying EVERYWHERE! The first player to collect all five of them wins. Multiple players try to gather the eggs, so you have to be fast & accurate.

doomturtle’s Assignment 1

This is my Assignment 1.

Assignment 1, skro!

Here’s my assignment 1!