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Game Feel Project 1

Kloudy – Game Feel – P1

Press 0 to return to normal mode with regular background music. Press 1 for scared/dizzy emotion. Press 2 for joyful/nimble emotion. With the scared/dizzy combo, the character shakes and the camera moves around wildly like the character is off balance. With the joyful/nimble combo, the character bobs its head up and down and it is […]

baguettebaguette Game Feel P1

Press ‘1’ for scared/weak  Press ‘2’ for dizzy/dreamy Press ‘0’ for normal Press ‘G’ to toggle atmospheric effects. I tried to give a weak/scary and a dreamy/dizzy game feel.  For the weak/scary game feel, I made the avatar smaller, made him unable to move the block in the scene, and whenever he touches the block, […]

verryberry1’s Game Feel Experiment P1

This is a game demonstrating a scared, weak character who can become strong, aggressive at the quick control of user’s key press!

Nintendo424’s Game Feel Project 1

In my project, I used several approaches to make the differentiation between an aggressive, strong character and a scared, weak character. For one, I have different lighting between the two. When aggressive and strong, the lighting is red, like the character is angry. When scared and weak, there is not much lighting, just the red […]

thievenstealburg’s p1

Switch between playing as an angel and a demon in this revolutionary, generation defining game:

Ragnar’s Game Feel P1

LivingLed P1

Game Feel Assignment I’ll provide a detailed ramble on my ideas, implementation, and key stuff to operate my demos! Hit 1 and 2 to change between scenes. G to toggle all textures, lighting, and music. —————————————————————————————————————- Demo 1 Game Feel: Strong and Aggressive How to play: SMASH STUFF How I attempted to communicate Game Feel: […]

Anon101’s Game Feel Project 1

Anon101 – P1 – GameFeel Experiment GameFeel Experiment using a small tadpole

Lion’s P1 Game Feel

While the layout is very similar to my other assignments, I made lots of changes to the code base. Most of all, I have two ways to move the characters. Dizzy and Scared (1): This character accelerates very slowly, makes for mario-cart like turning, and a gradual deceleration. This causes the illusion of hesitant or […]

warl0ck Game Feel – P1

I’m going for joyful and dizzy in one mode and weak and scared in the other.Also, another goal I had for this project was to try and learn mecanim, so I’m trying to convey all the Game Feel using character animation’s  and interaction with environmental objects.