Crimson Lightning – G3 – Revised Design

Note: Please see the underlined sections (They contain the information that has been added to the revised design)

Game Title: It’s a Colorful World

Team Crimson Lightning Members

  • nintendo424:
  • verryberry1:
  • valirek:


It’s a Colorful World takes place in a land where many of it’s inhabitants have given into “the normalcy of life”, and have lost their brightness and color (becoming grey). As the world plummets into routine behaviors and lifelessness, a group of individuals who still have their personality and color have risen to turn back this grey tide. Yet it is only with teamwork and utilization of each of their unique skills and personalities can they free themselves, others, and maybe even the world for this utter mundaneness!

Game Idea

It’s a Colorful World is a single-player game centered around multi-character control and puzzle solving. The player is presented with many different types of characters (with different sizes, weights, feels, etc.) that they are tasked with using to solve a variety of puzzles (such as stacking characters on top of one another, using their weight to turn a switch, etc). The player will be able to switch between control of these characters, thus allowing interesting puzzle design and a large breadth of feels for the player to experience. The overall goal is to solve the puzzles of the level so that the characters may reach the level exit (and move on to the next level). The goal is to create a bright and joyful game with mechanics that allow for players to experience varied feels.

Where’s the fun?

  • Enjoyment of varied feels & characters to learn
  • Skill to be learned in puzzle solving
  • Pleasing, joyful, and bright aesthetic
  • A story to discover!

Game Controls (NEW)

  • WASD: movement in any direction
  • SPACEBAR: jump
  • Q: Switch to prev controllable character
  • E: Switch to next controllable character

Targeted Character Feels (NEW)

  • Basic Main Character
    • Jumps high, able to jump on others
    • No distinct other features
  • Big Character
    • Moves slower, takes longer to start moving
    • Cannot Jump
    • Heavier, taller, slower animations
    • Able to affect other objects with its mass (pushing)
  • Small character
    • Faster and more nimble
    • Can jump, but not very high
    • Can fit through small areas/cracks

Puzzle Plans (NEW)

  • Currently planning 1 puzzle per secondary character
  • Puzzle #1
    • Big Character
      • Must destroy/push down a wall using its mass. An elevated switch will then be accessible. To get to the switch, the main character must use the big character as a platform
    • Small Character
      • A puzzle with 2 switches. One switch is separated by a small crack that only the small character can fit into. The other is accessible by the main basic character. Once both switches are activated, the puzzle is solved

Feature Targets


  • Single level with at least 2 basic puzzles
  • Light aesthetic polish
  • 2 controllable character types
  • Basic colorful world, joyful feel


  • Single highly polished level
    • Multiple platforms and puzzle locations
    • Colorful, bright, portrays joyful feel
  • 4 controllable character types (varied feels & moods)
  • 3-4 puzzles


  • Multiple highly polished levels
  • 6+ controllable character types
  • 5+ puzzles


Nov 3-9

  • General character controller script
    • switching between chars (camera)
  • Basic level laid out (workable, not aesthetic)
  • Basic puzzle design and asset creation

Nov 10-17

  • Finish character controller script
  • Adding fun interactions & aesthetics to level
  • Implementing basic puzzles (placing in world)
  • Implementation of goal within level (purpose)

Nov 18-23

  • Nov 19: Alpha Due
  • Use feedback to fix up overall design and feel

Nov 24-30

  • Bug fixing
  • Polishing interactions
  • Overall polish additions, complete 1 full level

Dec 1-7

  • Dec 3: Final Game Due

Target Feature Sets

Nov 19: Alpha

  • At least 3 controllable characters (larger, wide/thin character, tiny)
  • 3 puzzles (blocked pathway, switches, collectable puzzle (keys))
  • Level Design (Platforms, different pathways/routes, surrounding feature areas)
  • Reasoning:
    • Want player to experience basic aesthetic and varied feels
    • Feedback on:
      • Puzzle ideas (Would this be fun?)
      • Control feel (Does this feel like what I expect?)
      • Level layout (Do I want to explore this?)

Dec 3: Final Game

  • Single full working level
  • 4 controllable characters
  • 4 puzzles
  • Polished & fully realized level aesthetic
  • Reasoning:
    • Want to focus on the aesthetics of the level/game
    • Feedback on:
      • Polish (Does this feel cheap/laggy?)
      • Environment (Is the world joyful? Is the feel realized?)
      • Fun (Do I like playing this game?)

Team Responsibilities


  • Level design (layout)
  • Environmental scripting (interactions w/ world)


  • Texture mapping/painting – art
  • Puzzle scripting


  • GitHub manager
  • Character asset formation
  • Multi-character control scripting

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