Team Schism’s G3

Game: Dragon’s Gold
Team: Team Schism
Members: mulletman, bordemin, overload3d

Game Idea:
You are a fire-breathing dragon searching for gold in a large open world full of interactive inhabitants. The goal is to find the gold scattered throughout the world. Finding the gold will be a challenge due to environmental obstacles and hostile AI.

Target Experience:
The target experience will be a sense of choice and adventure. Giving the player a desire to explore a certain direction and the fluttering ability to do so. The fun of the game will lie in seeing the consequences of a certain trajectory; both through the world and around enemies. If the player isn’t careful, he may swoop down into a bunch of trouble and be swiftly destroyed. Certain gameplay actions will be part of the fun. Dodging with barrel rolls is one of these. Firing fireballs and seeing them destroy the world is another.

Game Implementation:
Our goal for the game world is to make it feel open while still keeping the player in a certain fixed region. We plan on accomplishing this by adding a vast desert surrounding the main game terrain. In order to motivate the player, we are changing the collection objective. The dragon is now searching for 5 legendary pieces of golden armor. This armor will ultimately protect him from the attacks of the world. Some of the villages will have these pieces, others might not!

We plan on making the dragon’s fireballs feel really powerful by relying on the speed, size, and effects. Dodging will be supplemented by the accelerating and braking/blocking mechanics. Together, their interaction with the trajectory of targeted projectiles and terrain will require skill and timing in order to be effective.

Minimum Low-Bar Target:
Have a responsive dragon that can interact with several classes of objects. The first will be destroyable, blow-up objects. The second will be defense projectiles that the player will have to avoid.

Realistic Target:
All of the essential elements are polished, making the player experience as immersive as possible. Other than object-specific polish, the objects are coherently located within a large open world creating a platform for directed adventure. The second will be the collectable gold objects the player will strive to collect.

Desired High-Bar Target:
Multiple variations on the base objects would exist. These would allow for unique adventures in different areas of the level. The objects, characters, and whole world would be done with a unified art style and in detailed 3D. Have simple AI characters that will react to the dragons actions and to the effects of other projectiles/explosions.


Nov 5
Terrain/Map (Anthony)
Dragon Movement (Stephen)
Hostile Projectiles (David)

Nov 12
Collectable Objects (Anthony)
Import Villages into Terrain Environment (Anthony)
Village Reactions (David)
Dragon Health/Score (Stephen)

Nov 19 (Alpha Build)
AI Characters
GUI Menus

Nov 26
Bug Fixes

Dec 3 (Final Build)
Bug Fixes

Revised Design Document

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