Design Plan 11/10/2014

Game Title: Farm Patrol

Team: Team Recess
Members:  heptad, wolverine

Game Premise

Farm Patrol will be a two-player cooperative game where the players must use their unique skills to herd and protect farm animals. The farm will have chickens who have gotten loose that must be chased and caught by the two players.

  • Player 1 will be a farmer, who can catch animals in his basket.
  • Player 2 will be a corgi, which is quick, low to the ground, and can bark.
  • The enemy is a coyote will occasionally prowl the farm and must be chased away.

Link: Revised Design Document


  • The game will be 3D with two game-controllers for players to use on the same computer.
  • The aesthetic will be a bright, cartoony farm with simple animal and player avatars.
  • Camera View: A zoomed out view of the field with camera follow: the x coordinate of the camera stays at the center of both players and the y is  at a significant height (say 40 units)  for the zoom out effect.
  • Player controls: The corgi and farmer will use the D-pad to move. They can briefly sprint, sneak around slowly using the A and B buttons on a controller.
    The corgi will use the action buttons to bark to startle the chickens, sprint, and sneak.
    The farmer will use the action buttons to lower the basket to capture the chickens, sprint, and sneak.
  • The players will have individual health bars, there will be a score based on the number of animals caught, and the game will be timed.
  • Animal behavior : Farm animals will avoid the players and briefly attack them based on basic AI and fun animations, such as chickens pecking at the players and the chickens jumping in fright as the corgi barks .
  • Enemy behavior: The coyote will prowl the field occasionally and can kill animals. There will be a screaming sound of the chickens to alert the players.It will be scared away by both players chasing it.


  • Wolverine will work predominantly on game logic, behavior and animation of the characters and interactions (baskets).
  • Heptad will work predominantly on the controls and polish (game environment, texture, sound etc.).


  • Minimum: Timer, health bar, chickens. The farmer and corgi can chase the chickens, the farmer can put a basket on the chicken, and the chickens can peck the corgi. The farm is a field with an area where the caught chickens are kept.
  • Expected: In addition to the chickens, there is a coyote that tries to attack them. The farmer and corgi have to chase away the coyote. The corgi can bark and both players can briefly sprint.
  • High: The farmer can attract the farm animals with feed and chase away coyotes by shooting at them. The farm is more detailed, including buildings and more obstacles.


Nov 3 – Nov 7
*Work on G2, which is due Nov 6th Thursday before class.
*Based on feedback work on G3 and second draft of design document.
*Start creating 2 avatars that move independently with 2 controllers.

Nov 10 – Nov 14
*Work on G3, which is due Nov 10th Monday by 11:59 pm.
*Start chicken that can run around and avoids the corgi and farmer.
*Provide different abilities: corgi can bark, farmer can put down the basket.

Nov 17 – Nov 21
*Work on G4, which is due Nov 19th Wednesday by 9 am.
*Start on the coyote.
*For alpha play-testing have health bar, timer, chicken can attack corgi, have obstacles to corner the chicken, farmer can collect the chicken. Emphasis on balancing players and good movement speed and style for all animals and players.


Nov 24 – Nov 28
*Fix up leftovers from after alpha play testing, incorporate feedback.
*Continue work on coyote – it shows up, can eat chickens, can be chased away by the players.

Dec 1 – Dec 5
*Work on G5, which is due Dec 3rd Wednesday by 9 am.
*Final play testing: Finish up the game!

Dec 8
*Final Presentation.

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