Luminator[G3]: Team: 22 by 7

Game Name: Luminator: Set the wrong turn right
Team: 22 by 7 (Pi) Because we are irrational.
Members: letsplay, expertcoder, student89


You are a person alone with your car in the dark.You are stuck in this scary maze of a forest where you keep going the same way again and again. You need to find the correct path outside as soon as possible because you feel there is someone breathing down your shoulder (which becomes quite prominent when you are below a certain speed). As you go deeper into this maze, crazy things start happening to you. You start to starve because of lack of food and you see that the environment around you behaves abnormal as compared to normal.

There seem to be traps on the way blocking your path. Quicksand, magnetic resonance are some examples. There are also sources of fruit for food. You can collect food and armor and keep them for future use.

Fun Aspects:

The fun aspect of the game is a mix of survival along with avoiding traps and maneuvering through a maze in the night with a person trying to kill you. You will encounter him and will have to kill him using only the resources available to you. The concept is to create multiple paths to the end and randomize these for greater replayability (randomization is a high bar target feature). The goal is to escape the forest alive.


The challenge for the player is that given limited time and minimum speed to be maintained, how to get out of / avoid traps quickly and intelligently (with the use of tools he gains on path) and by learning while playing. Player will not be aware of the traps (where and what). He will only realise about them once he is caught in them and the car starts behaving erratically.He keeps losing life (food / battery) while he is in the trap. As he encounters first trap, he will be provided some hints how to escape the trap. As a player passes through the entire maze, he encounters indications of the monster being near him.

Core Mechanics:

The core mechanics of the game include using WS to move forward/ backward and mouse to give the orientation (left-right). Long pressing ‘W’ key will provide acceleration giving the feel of motion in car. On release of ‘W’, speed will decrease. We will be using a first person controller to achieve this, but we also want a view third person view of the truck and the environment to provide direction and feedback to the player regarding his progress in the game. So, we will use a camera toggle. We will add a timer to the like of you starving to death if you do not collect food on time. The traps are set in such a way that they change the player movements. They might momentarily put you in a swirl because of the magnetic resonance fields or might make you sink because of the quicksand. All these movements will involve the physics engine. Player can collect food in bulk by banging into a fruit bearing tree to make fruits fall and gain food.

Individual Responsibility:


  • Maze and pickup objects creation
  • Define player motions/effects
  • Game finish states’ implementation
  • Player view change


  • Environment and basic motion setup
  • Create quick sand trap
  • Define player motion/ effects in trap
  • Game finish trigger implementation


  • Basic collision with trees
  • Fruits on trees, improve collision with trees and add sound effects
  • Define collision and its effects with other objects in the environment
  • GUI displays (scoring, start and end screen, instructions, health)

We all will work together on improving and refining game feel and also, on creation of another trap (which is magnetic resonance).

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