Castle Zombie Defense (revised)

Castle Zombie Defense
Team: Boss Racing
masterchief, baguettebaguette, bossman

Game Description:
The player is the wizard of the castle.  As the player, you must protect your subjects from the Zombies trying to take over the castle.  Use your trebuchets and mystical fire balls to kill the Zombies and defend the castle.  Keep your castle free of Zombies and you win!


  • 1st person on-foot movement with fireball attack
  • 3rd person trebuchet control
  • Single player game vs AI zombies (with basic avoidance) approaching the castle
  • Game ends when time is up or too many zombies have reached the castle
  • Rounds of play, you can choose how many rounds / difficulty in the menu
  • You can move between trebuchets to get a better angle
  • While trebuchets are reloading, you can use your fireballs to take down zombies

WASD – Movement
Mouse – Look Around
Mouse Button – Fire weapon! (hold for trebuchet charge up)
Space Bar – Jump
Hold X to control Trebuchet

Feature Targets:

  • Minimal Features

○      Control trebuchet / mystical fire balls

○      Approaching AI zombies

  • Target Features

○      Trebuchet charge up to control distance

○      Zombies fire weapons back at you

  • Stretch Features

○      Zombies can construct their own siege towers

○      Equipping your subjects with their own weapons

○      Friendly AI

○      Menu for rounds / difficulty settings

Timeline Features to be Completed by:

  • Saturday November 15:  Basic scene, player, and trebuchet interaction.
  • Wednesday November 19 (Alpha Playtesting): As previous milestone. Player can now shoot zombies with fireballs.
  • Saturday November 22: As previous milestone. Trebuchet now does AoE damage to kill zombies.
  • Saturday November 29: Game nearly completely built, character and scene models are polished with full game functionality.
  • Wednesday December 3 (Final Playtesting): Game completely built with character and scene models polished.  Improved Game Feel from previous milestone.
  • Sunday December 7 (Completed Game Due): Game completed with finely tuned game feels based on Final Playtesting feedback.

Work Division:

  • Trebuchet (3rd person) Control: masterchief
  • On-Foot (1st Person) Control: baguettebaguette
  • Enemy AI / Scene Interactions: bossman

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