Skro on The Adjectives’ G3

In space, nobody knows you’re a dog.
Game Idea:
Players each control a single fighter jet sized ship. The goal is to destroy the other players. The gameplay is a dogfighter in space with 3 degrees of freedom. The map(s) is an asteroid belt with a few man-made structures. Game modes is free-for-all deathmatch. Player ships all have 2 weapons each: a machine gun and a fire-and-forget seeking missile. Players have flares, afterburners, and reverse thrusters. Players have a large shield buffer that has a larger hitbox and does not regenerate. There are pick-ups for ammo, shields, and health.

Controlling the fighter is supposed to be really responsive because the game is a fast-paced, low-health, arcade style dogfighter. Being able to maneuver effectively is supposed to be fun. The other fun factor is beating other players because the multiplayer is local only.

Target Experience:
Focus is on the controls and feel of the fighter ship. Players will be able to maneuver around obstacles to dodge players. There will be GUI assists to help aim because the other players will be relatively far away.

Group Members and Roles:

Andrew Whelan: Menus and GUI.

Daniel Dias: Flight controls and feel.

Jacob Hudlow: Weapons and level design.

Controller with 2 thumbsticks, 2 triggers, and 2 bumpers. Left thumbstick up and down controls the movement of the throttle stick. Left thumbstick left and right controls the yaw of the ship. Right thumbstick up and down controls the pitch of the ship. Right thumbstick left and right controls roll of the ship. The other 4 buttons/triggers control shooting, weapons, afterburners/boost.

The one and only map is an asteroid belt with gigantic, very slowly floating asteroids which will move about freely and can bounce into each other. There are 2 or so man-made giant structures which can be used to navigate around. When a ship crashes into an asteroid, it’ll explode. There is a bound on the entire map that will be very apparent to the players when they leave it by telling them that they are leaving the map; if they stay outside for long enough, they explode. The skybox is a space texture with a giant planet visible. The bounds is marked with beacons.

G3: Updated Design Docs
G4: Game Alpha
Ship control alpha.
General Movement.
Machine gun works.
Afterburner works.
Ship sounds
Environment sounds
Polish effects
GUI alpha
Map alpha
Lives system
G5: Final Playtesting Build
Ship control update.
Movement/Control update.
Reverse boost implementation.
Sound update
Game sounds
Polish update.
GUI update.
Working menus.
Map update
Game mode implementation

Feature Set Targets
Movable ship
Workable weapons
No multiplayer
Main Target:
Full 4-Player Combat
Extra Game Modes

Weekly Schedule
Week 1 (Nov 9 – 15)
Basic ship movement and rough level design
Week 2 (Nov 16 – 22)
Movement polish
Week 3 (Nov 23 – 29)
Weapon design and basic combat
Week 4 (Nov 30 – 3)
Full combat, final polish
Bug-Fixes (Nov 4 – Nov 11)

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