[Blue Barracudas] Moe de Gras G3

We, the Blue Barracudas, have made some important changes to our game concept in order to make it more achievable and more enjoyable.

Major changes:

  • Multiplayer will be local, not networked
  • Players can only cut grass, not lay grass
  • Players will race for power-ups
  • Power-ups can help player or hurt opponent
  • No incentive for going to opponent’s lawn
  • No more boost feature
  • We are aiming for maximum replay value, i.e.
  • We want the player to play over and over again
  • We want the power-ups to cause craziness

Things staying the same:

  • Simple visual style
  • Short, timed matches
  • Obstacles will play a role
  • Cutting grass is the goal
  • Same basic mechanics/feel for movement

See previous post here for more info on old design

See T-Square entry to compare new/old documents and slides

Current design document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19ppMf4JAERJQOqMk2ntkU9oWejK-aASA-Aft88MTw14/edit

Current slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1GhkIXV6Fgiada8iIPw1skeeUFdNIiuKgnLqpFkhlzLw/edit#slide=id.g41b23e145_00

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