Ssssuculent – G2

Game Name: Ssssuculent
Team: Ssssuculent
Members: montspy, freya

Game idea
Ssssucculent is an “endless runner” style game in which the player controls a snake avatar and tries to gain as many points as possible within a fixed time frame. This is accomplished by traveling the furthest distance along a track while avoiding obstacles and collecting pickups. The game setting is a desert in the southwestern United States, and all characters and scenery are chosen to fit this desert feel.

Design Document

Game Play: The player starts the game with three lives and 60 seconds on the timer. The player loses a life when he or she hits an obstacle, and can gain lives via special pickups. The player gains points as he or she travels forwards along the track and for eating critters. Multiplier zones temporarily boost the rate at which the points are accumulated.

Level Design: The track along which the player moves is procedurally generated with various levels of obstacle density and the occasional shortcut. The track has more turns as the player moves further forward.

In-Game Critters: There are three in-game critters the snake can eat: A hare, a shrew and a roadrunner bird. Each critter has a different movement behavior and results in a different effect on the snake movement if eaten.

Task Summary


  • Critter design and AI
  • Game mechanics: scoring, lives


  • Procedural level generation
  • Snake and camera control


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