Team Awesome G2

Working Title: Escape the Dungeon
Team Name: Team Awesome
Team Members: Chromious, Z-Fighter, Mebibyte

Game Description:
You wake up in a strange dungeon with a puddle of water at your feet. You can see water rushing in from behind you, and a door in front of you. You must solve puzzles in each room before the water completely surrounds you. You have a top-down view of the dungeon. The player wins by not drowning in the rising water and reaching the end of the dungeon.

Why is the game fun:
Escaping from death is fun. People love playing with danger and living life on the edge. Be fast and dangerous while solving puzzles.

Game feel:
Player should have a sense of urgency to solve puzzles and escape. Dark, dusty, dreary, damp, deep, deadly, dungeony.

WASD – Move
E – Interact

Week 1
Z-Fighter: Clean up codebase and upload to version control
Chromious: Puzzle Master
Mebibyte: Improve Atmosphere and Intensify Game Feel
Week 2
Z-Fighter: Implement new player mechanics
Chromious: Puzzle Sorcerer
Mebibyte: Improve polish and textures
Week 3
Z-Fighter: Puzzle Archwizard
Chromious: Further intensify game feel for Avatar, the last airbender
Mebibyte: Work on start screen
Week 4
Z-Fighter: Puzzle Demigod
Chromious: Fixer-upper
Mebibyte: Level Linguist
Week 5
Z-Fighter: Fix bugs
Chromious: Bug bash
Mebibyte: Playtest
Week 6
Z-Fighter: Prepare final presentation
Chromious: Ending Demonstration Practice
Mebibyte: Final presentation preparations

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