The BrusselSprouts G6

The BrusselSprouts Present Fall Zone! Enjoy a thrilling skydiving experience by playing FALL ZONE!!!

You are a virtual skydiver! Collect as many coins and health boxes as possible, but avoid those spikey obstacles! Get to the ground in the fastest time possible for a higher score and make sure you land with your parachute deployed to get a landing bonus!

WASD – Use to navigate around the air
LEFT_SHIFT – Opens up the parachute to slow vertical movement
SPACE – Dive through the air to reach your objectives faster
Mouse Look – Look around the scene with mouse movement

What Worked:

  • Movements Controls and Feelings
  • Various Game Mechanics
    • Parachute Health System
    • Point System
  • UI Components
    • Health Indicator and Warning
    • On-Screen Statistics

What Didn’t Work:

  • Precise Landing Procedure
  • Exaggerated Movement Effects

Things We Changed From Beta:

  • Changed Diving and Parachuting Movement mechanics
  • Bug Fixes

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