G2 – Elemental [Hipster Cyborgs]



Game Information

We want to create a game where a player can experiment with objects built from different elements, such as fire and water, in order to solve puzzles.


Wilson the wisp is lost and wants to find his way home. Using his ability to manipulate objects formed from certain elements, Wilson will attempt to create a path back to his house.


The player will start the game controlling Wilson the wisp in his elemental form. In this form, the player can float around the level, exploring the environment and determining what elements need to be used to escape the level. As an example, if the player’s path is blocked by a large fire, a possible solution would be to return to a nearby pool, become the water in the pool, and roll over to the fire, putting it out. To add to this mechanic, we could force the player to collect the water from multiple pools in order to accumulate enough water to put out the fire.

User Interface

While the player is in wisp mode, there will be no UI in order to allow the player to see the environment better. However, when the player can transform into an element, an icon will appear on the screen to indicate this. While the player is in the form of an element, an indicator will be displayed which indicates how “strong” the player is with the current element.

Game Controls

The game will be controlled with a third person, controllable camera perspective. This will allow players to rotate the camera around the wisp character to more easily explore the level. While in wisp mode, the player can both float across the ground and jump to explore higher areas, but as an element, the wisp will only be able to move across the ground.


Nov 3:
  • Setup git for all group members
  • Create a basic character
Nov 10:
  • Begin work on elemental mechanics
  • First pass on sound effects
  • Finalize the game architecture
Nov 17:
  • Complete of element objects
  • Implement the level goal
Nov 24:
  • Complete player character
  • Finalize sound effects
Dec 1:
  • Complete of prototype level
  • Finalize the polish of the game

Job Distribution

thisisaname: Character Feel, Element Interaction
demmina: Level Design and Polish
munkahunkus: Game Architecture, Prefab Packaging


Alpha Prototype
  • Intuitive element interaction
  • Proof of concept level
  • Basic player character
Final Prototype
  • Polished, well designed level
  • Polished player character

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