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Telegraph Investigation: Hoverboard Stickfighting Devils (Final)

This post contains the final build and changes summary (final presentation overview) for the Telegraph Investigation project.

Final Presentation Post (Dragon in Distress)

Jump and hop to the top, find your wings and never stop

Game Log 11/25 — Final Playtesting Build (Dragon in Distress)

Game Update Post

Telegraph Investigation Final Playtest

The most important changes for this week were of two kinds: overall polish (title screen, sound effects, music, variety of attack animations), and responding to feedback from the previous playtest. The latter affected the mechanics more, so I’ll focus on those notes for this post.

Game Log 11/18 — Beta Build (Dragon in Distress)

Game Update Post

Telegraph Investigation Beta

I’ve changed controls from QWAS to WASD as requested by players, and done away with making players lose balance for holding an attack too long – now it just automatically does the action, with the downside of attack holding being extended vulnerability.

Game Log 11/11 (Dragon in Distress)

Game Update Post

Telegraph Investigation: Log Nov 11

Playtest Notes • First some things people liked: particles from successful hits, hover movement, increase in enemies as player succeeds, feel of speed from lines underway (will be adding wireframe foreground and background objects to add to this effect), stickman/vector aesthetic, “this is awesome.” • Confusion about why losing balance. Doesn’t expect hard hit to […]

Game Log 11/4 – Alpha Build (Dragon in Distress)

Alpha Build Post

Lavalor: Alpha

The alpha release of Team Lava’s game, Lavalor.

Telegraph Investigation Alpha

Keeping to my goal all 4 aspects of the game (hover feel, press-time-as-force, telegraphing action/vulnerability, and recoverable grapple) are at first pass, ready to test. I also made the planned improvement to the core functionality (“Phase 1” from the design doc) in having animation poses shared from a common parent, and in refactoring out common […]

Telegraph Investigation: Log Oct 27

Game Log for first week, ending on Oct 27: What I planned to do by the end of the previous week (from my design document): “Submit this project design document. Add functionality to engine to visualize stick figure pose(s) in-editor while not in Play, as well as feedback in that visualization to hint at when any […]

RASTERBURN Design Document

The RASTERBURN Design Document pdf may be accessed below. RASTERBURN_DesignDocument Raster Burn Design Document Kyle Blevens and Adam Le Doux Detailed Plan RASTER BURN is a virtual competitive team sport for four or more players. Players navigate a field and work together to score points against their opponent. The main mechanics are simple sports elements […]

Telegraph Investigation Project Design

Building upon the pitch slides for Brave Courier shown earlier this week, this new submissions contents are in the Brave Courier Project Design document. (That link goes to another public Google Doc, a local export of which I’ve also uploaded on T-Square.) Copy of that document:   Brave Courier By Telegraph Investigation The central details […]

Game Design (Dragon in Distress)

Design Game Plan The player takes on the role of an adorably awesome baby dragon, who hasn’t fully developed her wings. The dragon wishes to ascend an ancient tower to obtain the pearl of wisdom left by her mother at its peak. She can navigate the tower by either jumping directly up into the air, […]

Team Jumpster Project Design

Project design for Team Jumpster.

Project Pitch / RASTER BURN

RASTER BURN Project Pitch: A Virtual Team Sport Presentation Slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1-g6hylPsU4UGOzJg9dDd5Q7IEeKM29hwqmRfMypd0RM/edit?usp=sharing

Game Pitch (Dragon in Distress)

Pitch PowerPoint The Game Name: Dragon in Distress   The Group Members: vander – Level Design Lead falconette – Visual Design Lead asuna – Programming Lead   The Group Roles: Each group member will contribute something to each role, but one group member will be responsible for leading and ensuring the success of a specific […]

Telegraph Investigation Pitch

Game Name: Brave Courier Target Experience: “Jason Bourne meets Road Rash” Gameplay Concept: You play as a messenger fending off marauders while surfing atop your hoverboard. Finding the Fun: Satisfying drifting of hoverboard in both mechanical implications (predictable trajectories for learnable timing) and polish feedback (tilting and drifting like a Wipeout anti-gravity jet vehicle). Exploring […]