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kernel: Rise to Power

Game Description The player controls dethroned king who has spent years of exile. Now, he wishes to bring down the false king and return to his rightful place. In order to achieve this, he must build an army of brave soldiers who are still loyal to him.

kernel: P3

Play as an aggressive yeti that isn’t afraid to jump on trees and off the edge of the world! The yeti has some rotation as it moves to make it seem like it is recklessly trying to push its obstacles aside. Sound effect adds to the heaviness of the yeti.

kernel: Project2

You can control a light-footed jumper or a heavy-duty robot. Press 1 for the hiker, and 2 for the robot. Both characters are able to change direction in mid-air. I wanted to create a contrast between a very light movement and a very heavy movement. This was accomplished by assigning different gravity and jump speed […]

kernel: Bouncing Smiley

You control a smiley face that is always so happy that it’ll never stop bouncing around. I wanted to model a simple bouncing ball that has squash and stretch behavior. It moves around in 3D space to show that it is actually bouncing up and down. In order to achieve this, the main camera was slightly […]