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Team Outbreak: Gamelog, Week Six (Final)

Week 6 (Nov 25) – refining; high-end goals if possible

Team Outbreak: Gamelog, Week Five

Week 5 (Nov 18) – animations; polish

Team Outbreak: Gamelog, Week Four

Week 4 (Nov 11) – audio; alternate weapon attack (bow)

Team Outbreak: Gamelog, Week Three

Week 3 (Nov 4) – detailed movement; zombie AI

Team Outbreak: Game Log, Week Two

Week 2 (Oct 28) – zombie movement; simple shooting

Team Outbreak: Game Log, Week One

Week 1 (Oct 21) – Player Movement

Team Outbreak: Detailed Design Document

Here is our more detailed work up for the design document that we will be using for the rest of the project.

Team Outbreak: Final Project Pitch

We are designing a dual-stick style zombie survival shooter titled “Outbreak”.

fep145: When Mars Attacks

In When Mars Attacks you play as the invading Martian saucer and must destroy the city that lays before you before the human military can take you out of the sky.

fep145: Aggressive Tendencies

Here is my attempt at an aggressive shark for Project 3.

fep145: Tranquility vs. Industry

This is my attempt at defining two various types of game feel through avatar movement.

fep145: A Bézier Curve Movement for P1