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Team Outbreak

For the night is dark and full of terrors.

Team Outbreak: Gamelog, Week Six (Final)

Week 6 (Nov 25) – refining; high-end goals if possible

Team Outbreak: Gamelog, Week Five

Week 5 (Nov 18) – animations; polish

Team Outbreak: Gamelog, Week Four

Week 4 (Nov 11) – audio; alternate weapon attack (bow)

Team Outbreak: Gamelog, Week Three

Week 3 (Nov 4) – detailed movement; zombie AI

Team Outbreak: Game Log, Week Two

Week 2 (Oct 28) – zombie movement; simple shooting

Team Outbreak: Game Log, Week One

Week 1 (Oct 21) – Player Movement

Team Outbreak: Detailed Design Document

Here is our more detailed work up for the design document that we will be using for the rest of the project.

Team Outbreak: Final Project Pitch

We are designing a dual-stick style zombie survival shooter titled “Outbreak”.