Team Jumpster Presentation Build

Final Presentation Blog Post


Gameplay Video:

What Worked

We wanted the character to feel agile and nimble to have the feel of the ninja kitty. This the avatar feel easy to maneuver and control and fun to play. This combined with the combat gave the game the “actiony” feel we wanted. We also added custom sprite, animations, etc to add more polish to the game and made the game feel more complete.

What Didn’t Work

We had originally planned to have a light/dark mechanic that would change the environment of the game. This mechanic didn’t really work well in the action type game we wanted to make and we ended up taking it out all together. Also when running through the level, the combat felt too sparse.

What We Changed

We changed the game objective from running to through to the end of the level to instead trying to survive for a certain time period in a small area. This made the game have more constant action/combat because the zombies would constantly be spawning. The other reason for this change was that after we designed and implemented a small portion of the original level we planned, it seemed too time consuming and beyond the scope of this project. The other big change we made was we adjusted the combat to be a lot less spam-ish. The game was too easy otherwise, and players would just sit in one spot, spamming the same attack over and over.

What We Learned

Adjusted the game to feel how we wanted to feel took a lot longer than we expected. We also learned that just in general the amount of work that went into this project was a lot more than we had estimated. We learned that sounds and animations can  add a lot too the game, as when we added general polish to our game, it made it feel much more complete and fun.

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