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NotReadyYeti Design Document

NotReadyYeti Design Document A more detailed plan for the game A team wins when it reaches the maximum score of the match. A team scores points when a player picks up and delivers a resource to the team’s base by picking it up and throwing it in. The respawn will only occur if there has […]

allcakeisgone: Not Yetis!

Not Yetis is a multiplayer game in which each player controls an angry yeti that can pick up and throw things away.  During each match, the players will be organized in two teams, both trying to achieve the maximum score by collecting supplies, like fruits, animals or humans, around the area. However, some of the […]

allcakeisgone: Not Yeti!

Not Yeti is a 3D world toy in wich the player controls an angry yeti that can pick up and throw things away. Controls: Spacebar      -> Jump W                     -> Move forward S                       -> […]

allcakeisgone: Heavy & Bouncy

Heavy & Bouncy is a plataform toy in wich the player controls an avatar that can alternate two modes of mechanics. While controling Heavy the player can execute more precise moves. On the other hand, is possible to have a more swift move and higher consecutives jumps while controling Bouncy. Heavy:  shows a metallic appearence, […]

allcakeisgone: Cells (P1)

A enviroment with cell-like characters. The player controls the red cell with the left or mid mouse button for a normal (smoothed) and a special (midpoint displacement) movement, respectively. Sounds are played when the cell start to move, when it is moving and when the move finishes. Also the moving sounds get louder with the […]