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Game of Platforming

This is a mashup of the Game of Life and your vanilla 2D platformer.  The idea is to try and climb as high as possible using the cellular automata.  You can even toggle a cell of your choice on or off every tick.  I’ve always been a fan of the Game of Life and though […]

demmel3 – G “Mirror” Kats

These meerkats are in love.  Once they get close enough to each other, they will begin to joyously gallop. W/S – forward/backward A/D – rotate left/right Space – jump Press space to begin

G Elf and Jetpack Bot

The elf runs faster and jumps higher than the machine.  The machine makes up for this with the ability to hover short distances using his jetpack by holding space while in the air.

Scatter Laser

There’s a light particle that scatters into many lasers that shoot to the new location an recombine into the light particle.