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Knight 2

Angry Cuttlefish Final Playtest


Angry Cuttlefish Beta Build

Angry Cuttlefish is back for more revenge!

Alpha: Angry Cuttlefish

The game is certainly looking nicer.

Angry Cuttlefish Pitch

Presentation: LINK Group Members: knight2rook (https://github.blairmacintyre.me/site-archive/cs4455f13/author/knight2rook/) – Game Architect and Coding speedball (https://github.blairmacintyre.me/site-archive/cs4455f13/author/speedball/) – Coding, Meeting Minutes and Documents mbradley36 (https://github.blairmacintyre.me/site-archive/cs4455f13/author/mbradley36/) – Coding, Art/Design, Turn ins Title: Angry Cuttlefish Target Experience: “Undersea Arcade Gunner Slaughterfest” Gameplay Concept: You play as a cuttlefish attempting to destroy all other undersea life (except other cuttlefishes) to fuel her […]

knight2rook: P4 Silk Road

Silk Road Defend an outpost of the silk road from otherworldly creatures thanks to your fireworks-powered rocket!

knight2rook: The Dreamiest Shark P3

Use Mouse to move, WASD to speed up slightly in a given direction (or slow down with S), and press space for a speed boost. Hint: Hit the bubbles

knight2rook: Elves Suck, Machines Blow for p2

I really dislike elves, so my plan here was to extend the qualities I disliked of elves (high pitched voices, needly acrobatics) to previously unheard of levels. For the robot, I thought it would be kind of great if he was so heavy he couldn’t move without a hovering mechanism (press up for that).

knight2rook: Flocking Behavior for P1

I wanted to indicate that the small ball was actually constructed of many smaller balls, in order to go for a cute/charming feel.