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Left vs Right

Game Description This game is aiming to build player’s skill of control two hands to perform different operations simultaneously.  The player will practice this skill by controlling two balls to follow different path. The player’s goal is to survive as long as they can without falling from the platforms. The challenges are to control different […]

windy: Joyful Yeti

WASD or arrow keys to move the Yeti. SPACEBAR to jump. I want to achieve the feeling that the yeti enjoys walking, jumping and ice skating (on iced platforms).

windy: Kung Fu Boy and Destroyer

Both of them can perform a second ‘air jump’. I add acceleration and damping term to achieve a more appealing control. The Kung Fu Boy: I make him thin, move fast and perform somersault when jumping to get a nimble feel. The Destroyer: I make him fat and move slowly. Since he is heavy, you […]

windy: Puzzle Ball

Click the mouse and try to control the ball rolling to the target swirl. Realistic rolling motion, unrealistic control. Is the ball really never following the order? Also a small game with random generated control strategies. Wait for a cheering sound, then click somewhere to start a new stage.