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Xiang Xu

Crazybanana: Tiny Robot

This is a Tiny Wing style 3D gliding game.

Crazybanana: Joyful monkey

A joyful monkey running around in a jungle. Press space to jump. Walk near a tree to climb.   Sound effect from: Freesound.org Credit to Professor Blair MacIntyre for script skeleton and object skeleton.

Crazybanana: Blood Elf vs. Gear of Metal

Press 1 for Elf mode Press 2 for Metal mode Elf runs faster and jumps higher. Elf is also good at changing direction in midair. Metal robot is slow and can’t jump high. But metal robot will slam the ground. It takes more time for metal robot to start running or slowing down. Credit to […]

Crazybanana: Break the glass

This is a small prototype where a ball is kicked and will play a glass breaking sound when it stops. The curve of the sphere’s movement is based on a Bézier curve. Sound effects were obtained from http://www.freesound.org/