Not Ready Yeti – Final Summary

Gameplay Video:

Tsquare video link:



  • We dedicated a lot of time to developing the game concept & target experience before coding anything. Therefore, we didn’t have to change the overall idea of the game much after testing, just the mechanics.

  • Our “aha-moment” was the team strategy & individual skill behind landing a stun and scoring big points even though the basic concept and mechanics are fairly simple.

  • Networking worked well initially when only simple mechanics implemented.



  • Networking difficulties were our biggest hurdle. Multiplayer adds a lot of fun to the game, but it was harder than we expected to implement well because it’s a complex system and testing server to client connections can be tricky. Every player (and environmental) movement or action has to be organized between server & client.

  • We ran out of time to add our lowest priority features which were having unique team-wide bonuses for taking objects, making enemy & friendly players throwable in order to have another layer of strategy, and doing even more testing to identify and balance dominant game strategies.

What We Learned:

  • We set some huge goals for ourselves, but core mechanics always have to come first

  • Merging features was tricky to do some of the time depending on what was updated. Learning how to use version control with Unity effectively could have solved this, but time constraints didn’t allow it.

  • You can never do too much playtesting!


What We Changed:

  • We updated movement mechanics after playtesting because players had trouble doing exact navigation to pick up objects.

  • Visual and effects polish, making the player feel more involved in the game as well as giving them more explicit visual cues for stuns.


To play, start the server in the game in one app and then open up another app with the game in it to connect to the previously created server and start the game. Alternatively, you can download the .app for OS X here:

and the Windows .exe here:

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