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Team Jumpster Presentation Build

Final Presentation Blog Post

Team Jumpster: Game Pitch

Game Name Kitty Stalker Group Members flanne: Art/Sound Design/Programming sethsteckler: Level Designer/Team Manager/Programming Game Description: You will play as a ninja kitty in a 2d action/stealth puzzle platformer. The game will feature a light/dark mode mechanic where you can toggle between modes to reveal certain platforms. The light/dark mechanic will also reveal/stealth yourself, so you […]

P4 – Ninja Kitty vs Zombies

Game Description For this project, I wanted to create a 2D platformer focused on maneuvering around obstacles and fighting enemies. I decided to make the game about a kitty fighting zombies, to give the game a kind of cute quirky humor. The goal of the game is for the player to get to the end […]

P3 – Aggressive Yeti

Play a aggressive yeti. Use wasd to move around and space to jump. Press E to go into rage mode where you move faster and can run into ice blocks to smash them.

Project 2

Press 1 for fast nimble elf, 2 for a slow heavy mecha.

flanne: Project 1

The sphere moves in a kind of a zig-zag pattern, which is done with midpoint displacement.