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Radical Capitalist

Final Build and Game Log

This is Planigma’s final game log. It contains a link to our final presentation, a video of documenting our game and its gameplay, and the final build of our game, 24.

Final Playtesting Game Log

This is our final playtesting build.

Beta Game Log

This is our beta game build.

Game Log #2

Here is our game log for the interim between the presentation of our alpha and beta builds.

Alpha Game Log

This is our alpha build for 24. 

Game Details and Project Overview

We present our game details below. Included is also a project timeline with milestones and feature sets for demos.

Final Project Game Pitch

Mixing standard gameplay mechanics with unconventional thematic elements.

radicalcapitalist: Doughnut Chasers

Sweet and savory doughnuts are on the lam. Do your duty to round up those frosting-coated fiends

radicalcapitalist – Joyful Monkey

Play as a hungry monkey. Climb the trees and crawl on the branches to find fruit and fill your stomach.  There are a total of 10 fruits.

Sprites and Machines

Test out 2 different game feels. The Sprite can jump off walls and move nimbly through the stage. The Machine is slow and lumbering but manages to still get around.

radicalcapitalist: Spiral Motion for P1

A simple modification allows the ball to spiral towards the target.