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Seth Steckler

Team Jumpster Final Game Log

Game Log for the week of 11/18 – 11/25 with Final Build

Team Jumpster Beta Game Log 11/18

Game Log for the week of 11/11 – 11/18 with Beta Build

Team Jumpster Game Log 11/11

Game progress for the week of 11/4 – 11/11

Team Jumpster 11/4 Alpha Game Log

Game Log for Week 1 (10/28 – 11/4)

Team Jumpster Project Design

Project design for Team Jumpster.

Shadow Walker

Shadow Walker is a 2D Platformer where you can drift in and out of the shadows.

sethsteckler: Scared Meerkat

You are a scared meerkat.

sethsteckler: Elf vs Machine

Press 1 for a Nimble Elf and Press 2 for a Heavy Machine.

sethsteckler: Parabolic Movement

The sphere first moves from its initial position in a diagonal motion then follows the parabolic path to a diagonally offset target position and then sinks into the clicked spot.