supertrombone: Alert the Clan

You play as a scared meerkat. There’s a jackal nearby, and you need to get as high as you can to alert the clan!

Press space to jump, WASD/arrow keys to move, and toggle z to crouch/stand upright. When upright, you make alerting noises to help let the clan know of the danger but can’t move very quickly. When crouched, you’re able to run faster but emit a whimpering, scared noise. Try to make it to the top (ideally, the black platform) to get a good view of the jackal and properly spread your alert!

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gnle7 – p3 – Aggressive Yeti

So this was supposed to feel like a yeti prowling about in the dark in a snowy environment.  Movement keys are WASD for movement, and Space for jump.  If you hold Left Shift, the yeti enters “rage mode”.

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