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Suraj Saripalli


Adapt to the surroundings to collect all the coins and clear the level.

Flipping Monkey

Here’s joyful monkey which flips every time it jumps up. I can latch on to the tress and once on the trees it keeps twitching. Once on a tree monkey can either jump or detach. To Detach press : ‘X’ Monkey sometimes gets stuck between two branches where it can’t jump or detach, It’s best […]


The game starts with a twitchy shapeshifter. Though he can jump some ledges he can’t jump them all in his original form. In order to jump he has to shift to elf form. The jump of the shapeshifter depends on his velocity. To jump higher run faster. 1/2 keys are used to switch between forms.

Serpentine Motion

Showing serpentine (sine wave like) motion of the ball, starting with a bell crunch sound.