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P4 – Pearl Chase

Pearl Chase! Game Description: This prototype is designed to be a relatively chill sidescroller where you play as a golden dragon chasing after a pearl. There are little rain droplets you can collect to gain speed and clouds that obscure your way. The idea for this game comes from the Asian dragon legends which describe […]

Aggressive Shark

The game is of an aggressive shark.

Two Feels – Twirly and Stretchy?

I tried to think of two feels that’ll feel heavy-ish and flight-ish. The light one (#2 and default) is twirly which I figure only something light can do easily in the air. More specifically I was thinking of Giana Sisters when I came to that conclusions. As for the other, it stretches some(#1) (like in […]

phan30 – New to Unity!

It’s very simple (but functional!).