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Kurtis Eveleigh

Lavalor Final Playtest (11/25)

Team Lava presents the final build of Laval0r!

Lavalor: Alpha

The alpha release of Team Lava’s game, Lavalor.

supertrombone: Puzzle Explorer

Carl the Explorer wants to find treasure! Help him solve the puzzles, reach new heights, and become the most famous explorer to ever live!

supertrombone: Alert the Clan

You play as a scared meerkat. There’s a jackal nearby, and you need to get as high as you can to alert the clan! Press space to jump, WASD/arrow keys to move, and toggle z to crouch/stand upright. When upright, you make alerting noises to help let the clan know of the danger but can’t […]

supertrombone: Jumpers

The two jumpers can be switched between using 1 and 2. The second jumper is significantly heavier than the first and can’t jump nearly as high. The jumpers can be moved using A and D, and the spacebar is used to jump. The floating ball’s position and oscillation changes based on walking/jumping/falling to add a […]

supertrombone: sinusoidal launcher

The longer you hold the mouse down, the faster the ball moves. In addition, the ball is always moving in a sinusoidal motion.