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Matt Giannelli

gnle7: Recharge – p4

Fly a space lander with a low fuel capacity through an obstacle course to reach the space station, refueling as necessary along the way.  

gnle7 – p3 – Aggressive Yeti

So this was supposed to feel like a yeti prowling about in the dark in a snowy environment.  Movement keys are WASD for movement, and Space for jump.  If you hold Left Shift, the yeti enters “rage mode”.

gnle7 – Heavy Cubemobile vs. Panicked Elf – Project 2

Two different game feels: a heavy, mechanical feeling cubemobile, and a nimble, springy elf with a lot of energy.

gnle7 – p1: Can’t walk straight

The ball moves smoothly in a zig-zaggy manner! Click for instant fun!