Below is a schedule for the class.  I expect it will change slightly as the semester progresses.  We will update this page as the schedule changes, and post to blog about the changes.

Date Notes Topic Assignment
Aug 19 Overview and Introduction to Game Feel (slides: Overview, GameFeelIntro)
Aug 21 Game Design and Intro to Unity3D (p1)
Aug 26 Hands on with Unity3D, Physics and Collision
(Game Feel exercise in class)
GF CH 1-2
Aug 28  Prof travel Prototyping
(Guest Speaker, Brad Merritt, Cartoon Network)
P1 due Friday
Sep 4 Game Feel: Interaction, Metrics
(exercise in class)
GF CH 3-4
Sep 9 Game Design (exercises in class) GF CH 5-7
Sep 11 Game Feel: Input and Response P2 due Friday
Sep 16 P2 showcase, testing, discussion P2 comments due
Sep 18 Game Feel: Polish (exercise in class) GF CH 9
Sep 23 Game Engine Architecture (Game Architecture)
Sep 25 Game Feel: Context, Metaphor and Rules GF CH 8 10-11
P3 due Friday
Sep 30 P3 showcase, testing, discussion (game-designFormal Elements of Games) P3 comments due
Oct 2 Brainstorming, Case Studies,
Game Design and Balancing (BrainstormingSystem Dynamics, The Cabal)
Oct 7 Networking (Networking_Multiplayer)
Oct 9 In class P4 rapid-fire showcase
Drop Deadline (11th)
P4 due before class
Oct 16 Group formation, activities Groups due friday
Oct 21 Group Pitch in class Project pitch documents due Monday before class
Oct 23 Group Pitch in class Project design docs
due Friday
Oct 28 Playtesting (Playtesting)
Oct 30 Go to GVU Center Fall Research Demos
Nov 4 Alpha demos in class Alpha due
Nov 6 Alpha demos in class
Nov 11 Game AI
Nov 13 Choices, Completeness, Balance (Completeness_Balance_Choices)
Nov 18 Beta in class play testing/feedback
Nov 20 Guest Lecture:  Nick Laing, EA
Nov 25 final in class demos Game Complete
on Thu/Fri
final in class demos
Dec 2 Final Presentations Final Materials Due
Dec 4 Final Presentations
Exam Week