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December 2013

For The Greater Good Video Download Link

Downloadable link for our final game video:   https://t-square.gatech.edu/access/content/group/XLS0818103740201308.201308/Final%20Project%20Videos/ftgg.mp4

Not Ready Yeti – Final Summary

Gameplay Video: Tsquare video link: https://t-square.gatech.edu/access/content/group/XLS0818103740201308.201308/Final%20Project%20Videos/Not%20Ready%20Yeti%20Final%20Video.m4v   Success: We dedicated a lot of time to developing the game concept & target experience before coding anything. Therefore, we didn’t have to change the overall idea of the game much after testing, just the mechanics. Our “aha-moment” was the team strategy & individual skill behind landing a stun and […]

ZeldaBallZ Presentation

Video What Worked Well -Combat State Machine with five combat states -Three distinct types of enemies -Two different weapon sets with their own unique feels Challenges -Implementing sprites using Unity 4.3 -Getting the animations in sync with the user input -Trying to combine movement animations with attack animations What We Learned -Plan for collaboration between […]

Dark Hole Sun