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Battle, Honor, and Glory

Team RTP: Game Log 5 (Final Presentation)

Game Log for week 5 (Nov 25 – Dec 1)

Team RTP: Game Log 4 (Final Playtesting)

Game Log for week 4 (Nov 18 – Nov 24)

Team RTP: Game Log 3 (Beta)

Game Log for week 3 (Nov 11 – Nov 17)

Team RTP: Game Log 2

Game Log for week 2 (Nov 4 ~ Nov10)

Team RTP: Game Log 1 (Alpha Demo)

Game Log for week 1 (Oct 28 ~ Nov 3) with Alpha demo

Team RTP: Game Log 0

Game Log for week 0 (Oct 21 ~ Oct 27)

Team RTP: Project Design

Team RTP Project Design and Detailed Plan: For our game “Rise to Power”, the detailed plan of the project mainly has three parts: battle logic, collision, and formation of the soldiers. This document will provide with more detailed plan and information about each feature

Team RTP: Game Pitch

The Game Pitch: Rise to Power