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Some Guy

P4 – Gravity

This is a 2D gravity based puzzle game. You play a character who has woken up in an abandoned and run-down spaceship. At the moment this prototype is simply a sandbox that lets you play with gravity controls and character movements. The controls are: z – Activate a switch space – Jump left/right – move […]

Someguy – Aggressive Shark

The illusive torpedo shark, a most aggressive species, spends its days roaming the ocean bottom running into undersea pillars.

Someguy: Heavy metal and Light Elf

Press 1 to switch to a heavy figure, and 2 for a lighter character. Press space again for the lighter character to double jump.

someguy : Bouncing smiley

Click anywhere on the screen and the smiley face will bounce to where you clicked. A simple physics function was used to simulate gravity and make the path curved. I also tried for a primitive squish and stretch of the smiley using the scale functions for the sphere.